Wheeler Heights Public School has a growing and successful band program, this year involving over 100 children across four separate playing levels of bands. The program is run by a committee of volunteers and professional conductors and is supported by the school. Our aim is to provide a fun and enjoyable musical experience for students and parents.

Our band program is open to students in Years 3 to Years 6. Each student interested in starting a band instrument is individually tested to seek out the best combination of interest, ease of sound production and necessary physical capabilities for certain instruments. Our band caters for woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, although no strings.
At a glance, here's a quick snapshot of our four bands at WHPS. The training band is primarily composed of Year 3 and some Year 4 student, the Intermediate Band is for the students continuing their learning and enjoyment of their instruments, the Senior Band consists of players further extending their repertoire and skills in music, and the Jazz Band for those excelling in their instruments.

Our band program is a commitment for at least a year, yet hopefully beyond. It's rewarding, challenging, exciting, entertaining and fun. Instruments offered at Wheeler Heights Public School include: (woodwind): Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone; (brass): Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, and (percusion): Drums, keyboard and acoustic guitar.

Training Band

For initial training on an instrument and an introduction to music.  It also provides an introduction to the group dynamics of a band.  No student will be turned away from joining the band, however, it does require out-of-school hours commitment of at least two hours a week for band practice (held before and after school), weekly private tuition to progress more efficiently, practice at home of at least 15 minutes three times a week.  In addition, the training band participates in performance opportunities throughout the year generally out of school hours and we have our famous 'band jam' weekends once a year.  Participation across all of these areas is considered mandatory to joining the Training Band.  And it does require a financial commitment of parents for the band fees, instrument hire and private tutiton.  

Intermediate Band

Continuing development at the next level and exploring musical concepts such as tone, intonation, ensemble and performance ability. Competitions and events help to develop players and add direction, structure and skills.

Senior Band

Working at a higher level and enjoying the privileges and challenge of leadership and mentorship.

Jazz Band

Working in a Jazz framework on the development of musical personality and confidence for players who are already excelling on their instruments.

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