We are very fortunate to have four fantastic and very well qualified conductors, Shauna Tyson and Anthony MacDermott.

Shauna Tyson conducts our Training, Intermediate and Senior Bands and is our Band Program’s musical director. Anthony conducts Training Band on Monday mornings and Jazz Band on Thursday afternoons.

Shauna Tyson

Shauna is an exceptionally qualified music teacher, and an accomplished French horn player and pianist. Shauna has been conducting children's bands in our local area for over 15 years. She is young and enthusiastic, and brings an energetic fresh approach our Intermediate and Senior band programs. Shauna has participated in our band jams over the past year and has always been very popular with the children and parents.

Anthony MacDermott

Anthony MacDermott (B.Ec.,LL.B) was appointed the WHPS Band Committee Convener in 2012 and is conductor of the Jazz Band. Anthony has a long history playing piano in Jazz and Stage Bands. He is currently the pianist in the NSW Ambulance Service Swing Band. He also plays piano and tuned percussion with the Sydney Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Anthony is trained as a classical pianist and practices as a local solicitor.

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