This information is intended for students when they are in Term 4 of the school year and relates to continuing with Band next year.

Progression through the Band Program

In most cases, students who have spent a full year in Training Band are ready to progress to the Intermediate Band next year. Similarly, most students who have completed a year in Intermediate Band are ready to progress to Senior Band. The decision about this progress is, however, made by our Band Conductors. Sometimes progression is not in the best interests of the student. If this is the case, the Band Conductors will advise parents and discuss what might be best for the student at the start of 2017.

Assessments - a change from previous years

We do not assess band students for progression to the next band level. It will be automatic unless circumstances arise early in our band program next year when our band conductors believe it would be in better interests for your child's musical development to review where they are at. In the (unlikely) event that this happens, it will be a confidential discussion between our band conductors, you (the parents/carers) and your child.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an additional band that operates as part of the WHPS Band Program. The band works in a Jazz framework on the development of music personality and confidence for players who are already excelling on their instruments. Anthony MacDermott is the Conductor of the Jazz Band.

Membership of Jazz Band requires regular commitment to Jazz Band rehearsal each Thursday morning, practice of Jazz Band repertoire and attendance at performances outside of school time. There is no additional cost for Jazz Band above regular tuition fees for Intermediate or Senior Band. Students who are in Intermediate or Senior Band for 2017 are invited to apply for Jazz Band in the Returning to Band form for 2017.

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