Having a passion for music and your instrument should ensure that you look after it properly. The better condition your instrument is in, the better it will sound. Also, if you fail to look after your instrument properly, it may cause damage to the instrument, which could cost you money in repairs or a replacement instrument. Carrying out simple maintenance and cleaning work on your instrument regularly will bring about a lot of benefits.

It is a fact of life that musical instruments will wear out but proper cleaning and attention can stave off this process. Regular cleaning and handling it carefully will help to keep your instrument in better condition. It is possible to have your instrument repaired or even serviced by professionals to ensure they look and sound great but caring for your instrument will minimise how often you need these additional services.
All repairs and tuning requirements of instruments provided by WHPS Band MUST go through info@whpsband.com.au. If the instrument is damaged, contact us as soon as possible. You are responsible for your instrument.

If it's your own instrument, and you require repairs or service/tuning, below are some of the instrument repair services which WHPS Band use. Please contact them directly, and be sure to get a quote before engaging in services.

Repairs on the Hill / Mona Vale Music

Contact: Victoria
Tel: 0410 441 899
Email: repairsonthehill@gmail.com
Website: http://www.monavalemusic.com/pages/brass-wind-repair-service

Address: 55 Bassett St, Mona Vale    |   Map Location - click here

Details: For woodwind and flutes. Collects instruments from Mona Vale Music and conducts repairs & service remotely and returns them for collection. Most services take between 4-8 workings days. School holidays can sometimes be longer as they get inundated.. Leave a message on her mobile - she does return all calls. All services come with a 3 month warranty.

In Tune Music

Contact: Glen
Tel: (02) 9439 1143
Email: glennclark@intunemusic.com.au
Website: http://www.intunemusic.com.au/services.html

Address: 101/48 Atchinson St, St Leonards 2065    |   Map Location - click here

Details: In Tune Music specializes in the repair of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. In addition, they provide Ultrasonic Cleaning for metal parts, magnetic dent removal which is especially useful for dents in lower brass instruments, pre-purchase Inspection Service & Valuations.

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