Large ensemble rehearsals, by nature, limit the ability of any director to interact with students and address their individual skills. When first learning an instrument, it is vital that you get a good grounding, so we highly recommend a professional music tutor. Children who learn from high quality tutors with a wealth of music experience progress faster and enjoy their music far more.

We also suggest that you sit in on their lessons frequently. A private weekly lesson of 1/2 hour is recommended, however groups of two with a professional can also work and help with the cost.
Professional tutors usually charge between $35-­‐$40 per ½ hour, depending on their years of experience and uni student tutors usually charge between $20-­‐$25 per ½ hour lesson.

On Site Tutors

We have arranged for some professional music tutors to teach before school and after school depending on their availability and we encourage you to use this facility as your first option.  These tutors have provided us with their WWC checks and are recommended by our Conductors.  Please note, however, that all tuiton fee payments are strictly between you and the tutor and WHPS Band and the WHPS have no involvement in this matter.  

It is very difficult to get on-site tutors, and we do hope that you carefully schedule your school week around meeting your appointment obligations with on-site tutors.

What Questions Should I Ask?

When finding a tutor, call a few to get an idea of what you are after and ask questions. Consider the following:

  • What are their qualifications and/or do they prepare students for music exams?
  • Do they encourage their students to progress to AMEB exams?
  • How long have they been teaching and what age groups?
  • Typical lesson style and structure and do they provide music or just use band music?
  • Do they teach a variety of styles &/or other facets of music

We recommend that you evaluate your tutor every six months to see if your child is progressing and enjoying it. Sometimes a change of tutor can make a difference if your child is unhappy.

Professional Versus Student Tutors

If you are thinking of a student tutor, we recommend the following minimum standards. Please think carefully about the advantages of using a professional tutor or changing to one when your child outgrows a student tutor. Please contact the band committee or speak to the conductors about recommendations for local student tutors if you want to use a student tutor. For student tutors it is wise to ensure they:

  • Have attained AMEB grade 7 or higher and currently studying the instrument/music with their own professional tutor
  • Are in Senior high school (year 9 to 12)
  • Are Currently in a band or playing music themselves
  • Have previous teaching experience and can they prepare your child for music exams

Check out our list of professional tutors on the Northern Beaches, you may also find your own - please let us know if you do as we are always looking for contacts and good tutors are in short supply!  Some tutors will be teaching at the school in the mornings and afternoon (days to suit their schedule) and some teach from home. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to talk to any of the conductors for their advice.

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